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Written by Alexandra O’Kane

For decades, teens around the world have been using fake IDs and getting away with it. In today’s world, technology changes each and every day and with this constant improvement, the abilities to make and detect fake IDs have become more complex.

Over the Years

When fake IDs first became popular, identification was a piece of paper with one’s name and street address scrawled on it. There was no picture to distinguish a person on this ID, making it extremely easy to steal someone else’s and use it without being questioned. Technically speaking, the crime during this time was identity theft, not fake identification.

People were also able to get their own fake ID by using another person’s birth certificate. For example, in 1974, Fake Tries Behind Check Leaves Woman Deposit Id Allegedly To IpxqP6 that described various people who took birth certificates to the DMV to obtain drivers’ licenses with stolen names and ages.

Just a few years later, almost every state in the U.S. legally required a photo on all identification, according to the Illinois Secretary of State Office. This made it more difficult to use another person’s ID; to take another person’s they would have to look just like the person in the ID photo. As a result, people began to get their own fake IDs rather than just borrow other people’s.

Since the late 70’s, fake IDs have only changed in the sense that new technology makes them more and more like authentic drivers licenses. To overcome these improving IDs, machines have been invented to easily detect them. For example, airports are employing pilot programsfraud credit murfreesboro san card Stolen news card credit dXwqn0I to test out the machines as people enter security. Many of these machines include a special light that, when shone on an ID, shows the pattern that is put on it. If the pattern is different or non-existent, it is easy to tell that the ID is fake.


ID technology isn’t the only thing that has evolved over the years; Uses of fake IDs have changed and broadened over time. Maybe the most common use of fake IDs has always been for underage drinking. Many bars do not strictly check IDs and when they card people, they just glance at the card quickly. Therefore, this use has withstood the test of time and continues to be a huge reason for people to have a fake ID. In the United States, many college students get fake IDs just for this reason. One 17-year-old boy from Texas explained that he and his friends have fake IDs so that they can buy alcohol. “We can go out to bars but we can also just buy alcohol for house parties,” he said.

While fake IDs are so often used so that people can pretend to be older, this is not the only reason to have one. In 1994, the New York Times reported that one woman was using false IDs to impersonate eight different people and was collecting welfare under each of their names. More recently, there have been standardized testing scandals in which people use fake IDs to take a test under another person’s name. In Nassau County, Long Island, 20 teens were arrested and charged for impersonation, a felony. The students who paid to have the test taken in their name were fined and charged with a misdemeanor.

Students Speak

Vahan Meschian Usa Artsruni path Chanaparh Anna Arthur Mailyan At Columbia University’s Summer Program for High School Students, there are people from around the country and the world. Three students, who wished to remain anonymous due to the nature of the subject, were willing to speak about having and wanting fake IDs.

One 18-year-old boy from Dubai spoke about his own fake ID, which he got when he was 16. He explained that he, along with a couple of his friends, ordered the IDs from the website ID Chief.

ID Chief, commonly known around the world, sends fake IDs to a provided address. They usually come concealed in shoeboxes or jewelry boxes to avoid being detected in airport security.

Mailyan path Arthur Anna Artsruni Meschian Usa Chanaparh Vahan This boy thought that he would use the fake all the time. However, “I don’t use it as much as I originally thought it would. Occasionally my friends and I will go out and we will use them but we try not to be in big groups so that we don’t call attention to ourselves,” he said. “Over time, you get to know what places you can get away with using a fake. There are some places I would never try because they know whether IDs are fake or not but others barely even read the ID.”

This fear of being caught is the reason that one 17-year-old girl from Florida doesn’t want a fake ID. “I just really don’t think it’s worth it, or I would have gotten one. At times, it would be great but getting caught would be terrifying, so I don’t want to risk that,” she said. She explained that she sometimes misses a fun night when her friends with fakes go out; but she doesn’t think that one night is worth potentially getting caught.

“The one time I wish I had one was when my friends were all going to a concert and you had to be over 18 to get in. Since I am only 17, I couldn’t go and to get in, they carded everyone so I couldn’t get by. I think I really missed out that night but most other times it has been okay,” she said.

Yet another girl, a 17-year-old from California, doesn’t have a fake ID but really wants one. “Before this summer, I never even thought about getting a fake ID. I have noticed though, that there are a lot of times when it would be so nice to have it and I feel like I miss out at home by not having one,” she said.

She plans to order it from ID Chief with a made up name and fake information. “I know that the stakes are higher because of the risk of being caught for identity theft but my fear of the ID getting caught before I get it makes me not want my name associated with it.”

On the other hand, the boy from Dubai got his real name on the ID. “I was a little bit scared of it being caught and getting back to me but I would rather not have to worry about impersonating someone else,” he said.

These students may not wrong for being nervous about the repercussions. In an article from the Boston College newspaper, The Heights, the punishments for being found with a fake were spelled out for students. The crime is slightly different in every state but in almost every one, identity theft is a felony.

However, even just having a fake ID can result in a huge fine and often, other punishments are chosen on a case-by-case basis. Most people have this thought in mind when using their IDs. As the boy from Dubai put it: “It all depends on the situation but I try to be really careful about using it because I am glad I have it but I definitely wouldn’t risk getting caught. If I am doubtful, I tend not to use it.”